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Some Text-To-Speech Methods such as Google Cloud and IBM Watson are VoiceWizardPro Only! Subscribe to the Patreon or Kofi to unlock them.


  • Change and use various TTS methods from the Text to Speech Tab


TTS Methods List

Some of these methods require some sort of setup. Click the name of the Text-to-Speech method to take you to its respective wiki page for more information.

Text-to-Speech MethodIncluded with VoiceWizardProDescriptionFree Character PricingAudio Sample
System SpeechIncluded by defaultThis option uses voices from the voice packages you have installed on your windows system. Any SAPI5 voices you install on your system should work. - Japanese "Anime Style" Voices for SAPI5: shigobu/SAPIForVOICEVOX - Windows XP Voices (including Microsoft Sam) for SAPI5: Get WinXP_TTS_Voice_v1.3 (file sourced from here)Unlimiteddownload
AzureYesRealistic TTS Voices accessible via API500k characters for free a month FOREVERdownload
Amazon PollyYesRealistic TTS Voices accessible via API. These voices are iconically used by many TTS VTubers5mill characters (1mill for neural voices) for free each month for the first 12 monthsdownload
Google CloudYesRealistic TTS Voices only accessible via VoiceWizardProN/Adownload
TikTokIncluded by defaultVoices accessible for free via the TikTok API (made possible by Weilbyte's Tiktok TTS endpoint). Best option if you are looking for high fidelity TTS voices to use without limitsUnlimiteddownload
MoonbaseIncluded by defaultMoonbase Alpha style voices (renamed from FonixTalk to Moonbase in update v1.0.3, no longer required x86 version of TTS Voice Wizard). Made possible by whatsecretproject/SharpTalk a C# wrapper for FonixTalk the successor to DecTalkUnlimiteddownload
Locally HostedNoHere is an example of a project that can be used with Local: . This method works by sending a GET request to with the string parameter 'text'. If you create compatible projects or models, feel free to share them in the Discord server.Unlimited
Eleven LabsNoRealistic TTS Voices accessible via API. You can also use any voices you clone in TTS Voice Wizard.10k for free a monthdownload
UberduckNoExtensive catalog of voices of actors from Movies, TV Shows and Cartoons as of 7/12/2023 the Uberduck's catalog of voices has been drastically cutN/Adownload
IBM WatsonYesRealistic TTS Voices only accessible via VoiceWizardProN/A
VoiceForgeIncluded by defaultVoices accessible for free via VoiceForge APIUnlimited
Deepgram AuraYesRealistic TTS Voices only accessible via VoiceWizardProN/A
OpenAIYesRealistic TTS Voices only accessible via VoiceWizardProN/A

🔌 Playing Audio Through Your Microphone

  1. First, you will need to download and set up a virtual cable
  2. You will then need to change TTS Voice Wizard's output device to the virtual cable allowing you to play the System Speech TTS through your microphone.
  3. Consequently your microphone in other application like VRChat, Discord, Overwatch etc. would be the Virtual Cable.