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Amazon Polly


Use a VoiceWizardPro API Key instead to gain instant access to a variety of voices including those provided by Azure, Amazon Polly, Google Cloud, IBM Watson, Deepgram Aura and OpenAI. This removes the need to create and manage multiple cloud service accounts.

Amazon Polly

  • Amazon Polly Voices (enjoy your iconic vtuber voices like "ivy" and "justin")
    • Note: Unlike azure, amazon polly is not always free, upon using an amazon polly free account for the first time you get free usage each month for 12 months after that you can no longer use it for free.
    • pricing info:

How to use Amazon Polly with TTS Voice Wizard

  1. Create a AWS Account for Amazon Polly
  2. Watch this video on how to Create a Key and Secret Key
    • you will have to save your secret key some where as you can not access it again after leaving the page
  3. Select A Region
  • you should use the region code for the closest region too you.
  1. Navigate to Speech Provider > Amazon Polly and input your acquired key, secret key and region.