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System Speech (TTS)

This option uses voices from the voice packages you have installed on your windows system. Any SAPI5 voices you install on your system should work.

The voice you want to add to TTS Voice Wizard must be compatible with SAPI5 and support 64 bit applications. If you are looking for a specific voice you can google "'VoiceName' SAPI 5 downloads". As always... make sure to check files you find for malware before running them....

Voice options you can download

  • Japanese "Anime Style" Voices for SAPI5: shigobu/SAPIForVOICEVOX
    • There is currently a bug with this option and the latest version of TTS Voice Wizard, this option will require v1.6.7.3 or earlier
  • Windows XP Voices (including Microsoft Sam) for SAPI5: Get WinXP_TTS_Voice_v1.3 (file sourced from here)