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This documentation is a work in progress! If you have any questions, or if you think you've found an issue, please join the Discord and ask!


A free and open-source Speech-To-Text and Text-To-Speech application designed for all your VRChat, VTuber and Streamer needs.


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Request help, ask questions and make suggestions in the Discord server.



Use TTS Voice Wizard's accessibility features to improve your VRChat experience (it works outside of VRChat too!)

  • 🎙️ You can convert your Speech-to-Text and back to Speech through various Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech methods

  • 💬 You can send what you say as OSC messages to VRChat to be displayed on your avatar using KillFrenzyAvatarText/Frosty's Billboard or VRChats Chatbox

  • 🌐 The app can translate your speech from one language to over 70 other supported languages

  • 🔊 There are 100+ different voices with various customization options so you can pick a voice that best suits you

  • 🎵 Display the current song you are listening to on Spotify or via your browser

  • 🔋 Display tracker and controller battery life in conjunction with XSOverlay

  • ❤️ Use in conjuntion with Pulsoid or HRtoVRChat_OSC to enable you to display your heartrate in VRChat's Chatbox

  • 🗣️ Control VRChat avatar parameters with voice commands

  • 🫵 Display customizable and interactive counters for amount of times a VRChat contact receiver has been touched

🔑 Unlock VoiceWizardPro Benefits!

Subscribe to Ko-Fi or Patreon and experience a world of powerful features that will transform your TTS and translation experience:

  • Instant Access to Premium Voices: Enjoy hundreds of voices from leading cloud services, including:

    • Microsoft Azure
    • Amazon Polly
    • Google Cloud
    • IBM Watson
  • 🌍 Multilingual Magic: Translate your voices into 70+ supported languages, talk to your friends from all over the world

  • 🎤 Crystal-Clear Transcriptions: Gain access to speech recognition through DeepGram's Nova-2 model, the fastest and most accurate speech-to-text API.

Your subscription not only enhances your capabilities but also supports future development:

  • 💪 Empower Ongoing Development: Your contribution assists in server upkeep, covers character costs from premium APIs, and fuels future software innovations.

Ready to elevate your TTS game? Dive into VoiceWizardPro now! For detailed insights, explore our VoiceWizardPro Docs.

Unlock the power of VoiceWizardPro today! 🚀

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