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Azure (TTS)


Use a VoiceWizardPro API Key instead to gain instant access to a variety of voices including those provided by Azure, Amazon Polly, Google Cloud, IBM Watson, Deepgram Aura and OpenAI. This removes the need to create and manage multiple cloud service accounts.

How to get your Microsoft Azure Key and Region

  1. Speech Recognition through Azure you will need a Azure Subscription Key. For Text-To-Speech with Azure you can use either a VoiceWizardPro key or an Azure Key.
  • Option 1: Free Azure Account
    • Completely free for the first month. After first month you will be asked to upgrade your account to "pay as you go" but still have access to free monthly limits



  1. After making your account you will need to create a speech service to get your Key and Region. You will enter this information in the "Microsoft Azure Cognitive Service" tab located in "Settings"
  2. Follow this video on how to get your key and region information:
  1. The pricing tier for your speech service in azure should be set to F0 Free if you wish to take advantage of azures free monthly limits and not be charged image
  1. Your key and region go in the "Microsoft Azure Cognitive Service" tab located in the "Speech Provider" tab

Make sure to click the Apply button for both key and region image


Text to Speech Tab

  • Many azure voices have options for selecting Speaking Styles
    • These can drastically change the sounds of voices (try them out)
  • Spoken Language is the language that you speak natively
  • Translation Language is the language that you wish to translate to.
    • It should be set to No Translation (Default) when not in use
    • Speak to text hours and translation hours are separate you get 5 hours each
      • Pro Tip: You can technically use all your 5 for your free monthly speak to text hours and then use Translation Language set to your Spoken Language for an extra 5 extra hours

Azure Settings

  • Profanity filter is on by default turn it off in azure settings.
  • Dictionary takes advantage of Azure's Phrase List feature to allow users to add new words to be recognized.
    • For instance, it can be used for words like "Pogchamp" or user names that Azure wouldn't know otherwise
    • Separate different words or phrases with commas.
    • Phrase List Example:
VRChat, Sippbox, Poiyomi, Pogchamp, Suss E Baka
  • Continuous Recognition (Azure) allows a user to continuously speak and have their words transcribed without constantly pressing the speech to text button
    • WARNING: You will quickly use up your free azure limit with this feature enabled.

Additional Notes