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Voice Commands

  • Voice Commands can be activated using any of the speech to text options
  • Upon using a voice command an OSC message will be sent to the Device and Port specified in Text Settings
  • When a command is activated a message will display in the log image

Adding a New Voice Command

Spoken Phrase

  • The phrase that you will say to activate the command

Parameter Address

  • The address of the VRChat parameter
  • Example:

Data Type

  • Choose between Int, Float, or Bool.


  • Example Int:
  • Example Float:
  • Example Bool:

Disabling / Deleting a Voice Command

  • A Voice Command can be temporarily disabled by unchecking its checkbox
  • To delete a Voice Command enable Delete Command on Double Click and double click to your heart's content.
    • Alternatively, click the Clear All button to remove all commands.