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Getting Started


This documentation is a work in progress! If you have any questions, or if you think you've found an issue, please join the Discord and ask!

Tutorial Video

Continue through the quickstart guide or watch the tutorial video for instruction on how to setup and use the basic features of TTS Voice Wizard

Download and Install

  1. Download the latest version of TTS Voice Wizard here:

Download TTS Voice Wizard

  1. Unzip/extract the files
  2. Run the .exe file


  1. It may ask you to install the missing framework for .Net upon running the .exe file



  • Windows 10/11 (compatibility not guarenteed with older version of Windows)
  • Microsoft Edge must be installed

Join the Discord

Request help, ask questions and make suggestion in the Discord server.


TTS Voice Wizard Not Opening

  1. make sure you unzipped the files

  2. Ensure that you did not move any files from the unzipped download folder

  3. Try running as admin

  4. check terminal to see if you have the .net desktop runtime installed with the command: dotnet --info dotnet info

If you do not see the specified runtime, download it here: runtime-desktop-6.0.15-windows-x64-installer