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Web Captioner

  1. Select Web Captioner from Speech to Text Options


  1. Go to Since the official Webcaptioner has sunset you can use an alternate website that hosts its opensource code like
  2. Settings (bottom right) > Channels > Webhook
  3. Set 'http://localhost:54026/' as the Webhook URL and experiment with different chunking values (I recommend a large value so it only sends when you finish talking).
  4. Now you're all set to click 'Start Captioning' in Web Captioner
  5. Note that you will have to use a separate option for TTS such as Azure, System Speech, Tiktok or FonixTalk


  1. You can then enable speech to text to speech in TTS Voice Wizard and start captioning in Web Captioner image


For Access Denied Error, run TTS Voice Wizard as admin or grant permission to the url. Relevant Info: