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This feature is only available with a VoiceWizardPro API Key

  1. Select Deepgram (Pro Only) from Settings > Audio


  1. Go to the Speech Provider > Voice Wizard Pro and scroll down to DeepGram Recognition.


Adjusting Settings

Automatically Adjusting Silence Threshold

  • Click the calibrate button and wait 3 seconds for the silence threshold to be calibration. You should not talk during this time as it is sampling your baseline background sound.


Manually Adjusting Silence Threshold

  • Click you're speech to text hotkey (Ctrl + G) by default to activate speech recognition while in this tab.
  • Monitor The dial


  • If the needle seems to ignore your voice then your environment is really quiet and you need to more the slider to the left towards silent.


  • If needle seems to think you're talking when you aren't you have a loud environment and you need to move the slider to the right towards loud.


Other Settings

  • Minimum Audio Duration is the shortest duration a audio clip can have in seconds
  • Maximum audio duration is the longest duration an audio clip can have with a soft cap of 25 seconds and a hard cap in the API of 30 seconds.
  • Minimum Valid VAD Duration is shortest concurrent voice activation needed for a clip to be valid (processed by the API)
  • Silence Scale is essentially how long of a pause you can take before the audio clip is processed. A larger number means you can take a longer pause/ must wait longer before clip will be processed.