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KAT Settings

KillFrenzy Avatar Text (KAT)

Send Text to VRChat with KAT

  • Send OSC Messages to the Kill Frenzy Avatar Text

Auto Replay KAT

  • Constantly refreshes the KAT text. This is useful since Text only shows for users that are looking at the display when it is outputting

KAT Sync Parameters

  • How messages are chunked, this should match the value you selected in Unity.

Delay Debug (ms)

  • The delay in-between message chunks, too short of a delay can cause parts of the display to be blank for some users. This needs to be scaled with FPS. Lower frames require a larger Delay Debug. The default being 250 ms (a quarter of a second) seems to be the sweet spot.

Clear KAT

  • Clears the text from the kat display

Hide KAT

  • Hides the kat display

Replay KAT

  • Manually repeat the last message