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STTTS Shortcut

  • Hotkey to activate Speech to Text to Speech.

Stop TTS Shortcut

  • Hotkey to stop the currently play TTS Message.

Quick Type Shortcut

  • The quick type feature can be used to quickly focus TTS Voice Wizard for typing and refocus the game afterwards. The default keys are Ctrl + H.
  • Refocus game on Play
    • Having this enabled makes your previously focused window get refocused after click the play button. If this is disabled the previous focused window will only be automatically refocused after clicking the Quick Type Shortcut hotkey again.

Switch Voice Presets Shortcut

  • Used to maneuver between different voice presets in the Text to Speech tab quickly.

Binding Hotkeys To Other Devices

Set Hotkey On A VR Controller

  • App to bind key combinations to your VR controller
  • Make sure TTSVoiceWizard is not running then set a button to "ctrl + g" (the default key bind)
    • Close TTS Voice Wizard before doing this, if it is running it will steal the input
  • Additionally, you can add a bool for /avatar/parameters/DoSpeechToText to your avatar to toggle speech-to-text

Set Hotkey On A Mouse