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Adding and using Counters


  1. Enable OSC in VRChat

  2. In your hierarchy right click and select Create Empty

  3. For that empty Object Select Add Component and select VRC Contact Receiver

  4. Next you decided what the contact will be for, in these case we are making a "boop" contact receiver for when someone touches your nose with a finger contact

  5. Name the parameter appropriately if you do this for multiple avatars you will want to use the same Parameter name in this case it will be "Boop"(case-sensitive)

  6. Set the Receiver Type to Constant

  7. The contact receiver will do nothing if we do not specify Collision Tags. In this case we want it to activate when touched by a Finger contact. So we would click Add and select finger

  8. In TTS Voice Wizard need to add the parameter. Since we named it "Boop" we will name the Counter Avatar Parameter in TTS Voice Wizard /avatar/parameters/Boop. The Message box can be anything but here is a good example 🫵 Boops: {counter} where {counter} is the actual number that is incremented.


  1. If you have just added a counter to an existing avatar VRChat will not understand that in terms of OSC. You can attempt using the radial menu and navigating to OSC > Reset OSC Config... although the most sure way to actually reset the OSC config is by deleting the OSC folder as detailed in OSC Troubleshooting Step 4

  2. Now you can activate the VRChat Listener, you can enable Activate VRChat Listener on Start to enable the feature automatically each time. (You still have to click the big "*Activate VRChat Listener button** the first time).